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Latest News

  • Driven Racing Oil 75W-140 Racing Gear Oil Is Now Available To All Racers

    This new racing gear oil from Driven dominated the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule in the summer of 2015, with wins in six races. It is now also available for hobby racers to run on short tracks and road courses.

    Driven 75W-140 Racing Gear Oil is a synthetic blend used by top race teams. It reduces operating temperatures by up to 15 degrees more than other brands. The oil also reduces friction and provides shear-stable viscosity for outstanding gear durability. It eliminates the pitting and scratching of gear sets seen as a result of lower viscosity oils, and it does not increase drag or reduce horsepower. Even after six hours of driving it maintains its viscosity, and extended change intervals allow it to be used race after race. These performance gains can be just the advantage needed to reach Victory Lane. Driven Racing OilTM 75W-140 Racing Gear Oil is available in quart bottles or cases of 12.

    Part Numbers: #04330 (qt.); #04331 (case of 12 qts.) Price: $19.99 (1 qt.); $215.89 (case of 12 qts.)

  • Seminar - Protecting Against Ethanol Corrosion & Wear

    street-rod-nationalsOne of the hottest subjects in the street rod community over the last several years has been the usage of Ethanol in pump gas. Driven Racing Oil™ will address this topic at the 2015 NSRA Street Rod Nationals with a seminar entitled, “Protecting your Street Rod Against the Dangers of Ethanol Corrosion and Wear.”

    The seminar will take place from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Friday, August 7, in Rooms B101 and B102 of the South Wing Conference Center at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The program will be hosted by Driven’s Lake Speed Jr. and is one of eight seminars slated for the weekend by companies from all corners of the performance aftermarket. Over 10,000 street rods, customs, muscle cars and more descend on Louisville each August for the prestigious Street Rod Nationals. With so many enthusiasts in one spot, Driven sees the show as the perfect opportunity to alert folks to the dangers of both Ethanol corrosion and its reduction on the ability of Zinc in oil to prevent wear. Speed will cover the topics of why this corrosion and wear occurs, why it is problematic, and the benefits of using Driven Carb Defender™ and other lubricants.

    The seminar is free to the public and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the NSRA Street Rod Nationals, visit www.nsra-usa.com.

  • Join Driven For Free Seminar On Oil & Fuel For Classics During HRIA Education Day

    Driven Racing Oil™ will host free classic vehicle owner seminar at the Detroit Autorama.

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The Importance of ZDDP

ZDDP is the critical anti-wear additive in motor oils. Here Lake Speed, Jr., Certified Lubrication Specialist at Driven Racing Oil™, explains how the proper balance of detergents and zinc are the key to protecting engines.

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