Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive

Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive is specifically formulated to protect against Ethanol corrosion and induction deposits. Special corrosion inhibitors work to prevent expensive repairs and diminished performance caused by Ethanol-blended pump gasoline and the moisture it attracts. These additives control combustion chamber residue, plus they clean and protect surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. One of Carb Defender’s most important functions is that of a fuel stabilizer that extends fuel storage life. The additives treat up to 25 gallons of Ethanol-blended gas. Carb Defender should be used with each and every fill-up for a 54% improvement in cleanliness and sustained benefits for 3,000 miles.


Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive - 8 oz

  • Preserves & Extends Storage Life
  • Prevents Ethanol Corrosion
  • Cleans Entire Fuel System
  • Restores Power
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Lowers Emissions